What students say about studying with Debra Abraham.

“She provides detailed explanation and communicates ideas clearly. My daughter’s singing has improved tremendously after sessions with Debra.”

Cynthia May

“All I will say, sign up now! The confidence you get from having a coach who provides honest feedback and one who encourages you to keep improving week after week, is an invaluable asset to have at whatever point you are at in your singing journey.”

Gina O'Riley

“Debra is able to sing in diverse styles and transfer the knowledge she has acquired over the years, in a clear and engaging manner.”

Amy Sanchez

“I just started sounding better week after week. I was an okay singer before I took lessons with Debra but was looking to sound more professional. During lessons, we carefully worked through correct posture, breathing, voice placement, scales and melodic patterns and riffs, voice building vocal exercises, enunciation, style/ delivery & expression. Soon, I noticed that I was becoming more skillful and ‘aware’ of the vocal techniques needed to sing professionally.”

Felicia Gayle

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